In Home Monitoring

An Extra Measure For Home Care Patients 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of in-home health monitoring is the peace of mind it brings to patients and their families.  Our state-of-the-art technology and monitoring equipment helps patients monitor and manage their healthcare, safely and easily, in the comfort of their own homes. 


In Home Health Monitoring Program

Specialized Program

This specialized program offers numerous advantages to the patient and family members:

  • Tracking and reinforcing compliance with a physician-led treatment plan
  • Daily monitoring of vital signs provides a sense of security and produces better outcomes by putting the control in the patient’s hands. 
  • Allows patients to take an active role in their health.

Collecting health data is fast and easy.  Patients are prompted by text or voice and guides them through a simple 3-minute step-by-step process to collect their health information.  All this information is them submitted securely to VNSHS via a phone line or pager and reviewed by a registered nurse.  If something is out of the ordinary appropriate modifications can be made, thereby deterring the escalation of an impending medical problem.  If a problem is noted, the nurse can further assess the issue and apprise the patient by phone with instructions on how to handle the situation. For example, if the monitor relays that the patient’s oxygen level is too low, the nurse can inquire as to how the patient is feeling, as well as ascertain whether he or she is applying the oxygen as directed. If it has been administered correctly and the monitor still indicates a low reading, the nurse will intervene accordingly.

Similarly, the program can be utilized to follow developing trends in a patient’s health.  Let’s say a patient’s weight is trending too high or too low, the nurse can notify the patient’s physician who will take the appropriate course of action.
The monitoring system often serves as an instructional tool.  When a health issue is discovered through the use of the monitoring system, we can remind, reinforce, and teach the patient when and how to follow his or her medical health care regime.

The in-home health monitoring program is another example of how VNSHS, by providing cutting edge patient care, is continually striving to ensure that patients receive the best comprehensive care available.

For details about our In-Home Telehealth Monitoring System, Please call us at (631) 261-7200.